Introducing a total solution for your wet fire sprinkler system antifreeze needs!


Glycerine-Gard 48

Glycerine-Gard 48 is NFPA-compliant, factory pre-mixed and ready-to-use in new wet fire sprinkler systems or to replace fluids in an existing system. Glycerine-Gard 48 contains 48% glycerine by volume which is the maximum allowable concentration to comply with NFPA's requirements.*




º Complies with NFPA's most recent wet fire protection system requirements

º Certified factory premixed antifreeze using the highest quality of glycerine

º Concentration - 48% glycerine by volume

º For use in new and existing residential and non-residential applications

º Accompanied by product documentation and identification tags


View Glycerine-Gard 48 MSDS   
View Glycerine-Gard 48 Brochure - Front   
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  • * Effective March 2011, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) requires use of factory pre-mixed fluid concentrations not to exceed a maximum of 38% propylene glycol or 48% glycerine by volume when used for new wet fire protection systems or to replace fluids in existing systems. Field mixing of any kind is prohibited. Comprehensive details on NFPA's undated anti-freeze requirements can be found at Chemical Specialties will provide certification documentation and product identification tags for our factory pre-mixed wet fire system protection fluids.  

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